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A classically inspired turn based RPG. In Rising Spire you play as Atlas, a young Nephilim tasked with putting a stop to the demons of the past. Atlas must learn to master multiple weapons in the heat of battle along with wielding the divine powers of his lineage in order to survive and defeat a long forgotten threat - a story of divine rage and human power.


Rising Spire first entered development in early 2019 as a passion project born out of our shared love for classic JRPG titles. The vision of this project was self funded for the first two years, with Rising Spire making its way to Kickstarter successfully in February 2022. Rising Spire is scheduled to release in Q4 2022.


  • Classic turn based combat featuring multiple weapons, each with its own unique style of gameplay
  • A wide cast of characters with full stories, contributing to the game’s character-driven story progression
  • A vast and dynamic world filled with history and secrets ready to be explored and uncovered
  • Full Day / Night cycle playing a crucial role in both combat and exploration
  • Camp at night to record recent events in your journal and ditch the immersion-breaking quest log


Rising Spire: Official Teaser YouTube

Rising Spire: Official Teaser YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Cool game! Liked it, there’s a lot in here to build on and it really does remind me of old RPGs. Cool art too!"
    - Obelisk, Steam Review
  • "I'm loving the story, art style, and music, I've never been a big fan of turned based games but with the story and the direction this game is going i would love to see the full game in the future."
    - ApparatusRobot, Steam Review
  • "So far, demo shows a lot of potential. Art and mechanics are unique enough to have me coming back after each update. Looking forward to everything this game will accomplish"
    - Trigunner Jin, Steam Review
  • "yep jrpg."
    - col, Steam Review

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Rising Spire: Prelude
Free demo game: store.steampowered.com.

Rising Spire
Full game scheduled to release 2022: store.steampowered.com.

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