Game – Rising Spire

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malus awaits

adventure through a truly immersive world, hone your skills, make allies, and prepare for the trials and tribulations that await you.


carve your own path as you transverse through the lands. unlock new abilities that allow you to reach new destinations. explore the world at your own pace.


jot down new information as you camp at night, learn to fish, and forage for herbs to create potions. it is imperative that you learn how to survive in these hostile lands.


making allies is crucial in this world. get to know those who call this world home – strengthening your ties with others will allow you to progress to new heights.

learn to wield your power as a nephilim

nephilim are able to reach powers unobtainable to humans. learn to hone your strengths effectively to overcome deadly threats

obtain souls

unlock the power of some of the most powerful adversaries known to malus. wether it be trapping or helping – harness the strength of the daemons.

craft weapons

every job has it’s tool – combat is no different. craft and upgrade weapons created from ancient artifacts to grant you the edge in battle!

unlock masteries

progression of combat mastery will increase as you learn to wield your weapons more effectively, and as you study the strengths and weaknesses of enemies in the wild.

an untamed world

travel through lands that have not yet been shaped by humankind. make your own path. as you travel, you may find that a deep history has been left behind – if you plan to survive the journey you will need to discover ancient secrets buried away. an adventure of grand proportion awaits, will you answer it’s call?

become a part of the story

vote on designs, soundtracks, character designs, and have your likeness be put into the game as an npc!

big or small, your help is a crucial factor of our success. join our community today!

npc modeled after one of our supporters and his furry companion!

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